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"a" as in "bar"

Current and suggested spellings


This is the spelling when the project started
The r in bar lengthens the a. SaypYu lengthens vowels by doubling, therefore baa is more consistent. It is also how a sheep's 'baa' is spelt, which sounds the same.
This uses the macron to lengthen the 'a' => using the letter 'ā'
How about using the macron to lengthen vowels, thus: bā, bī, etc?
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Posted by: Dogmatix
A single R following a single sounding vowel in one syllable words indicates a different sound for all vowels; MAN, MANE and MAR have different vowel sounds ( and in MARE there is a 4th sound for the A).
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Posted by: daylas
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Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional :  SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu