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"a" as in "agree"

Current and suggested spellings


This is the spelling when the project started
The letter schwa is represented using a * or a reversed e 'ɘ'
This is the spelling according to the Simpel-Fonetik system devised by Allan Kiisk
This alternative spelling is more intuitive for a native English speaker. However, some of the non-English speakers might interpret it as OOGREE
the schwa in capital letters look similar to number 3, why not use this instead of the astrisk?
This represents the sound of a schwa. Reversed e was used to represent this sound because the sound of schwa is nearest to the sound of e as in bed
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Posted by: SaypYu
ɘ ɘ ɘ It seems that the shortcut 'star' works every where on the website to represent ɘ or reversed 'e'
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Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional :  SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu
Traditional : SaypYu