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"ch" as in "check"

Current and suggested spellings


This is the spelling when the project started
The 'c' is not used in the SaypYu alphabet. Therefore, we can use it to represent 'tsh'. However, the only problem is that people are used to the C being an S or a K so this alternative would require extra learning
This spelling uses the Serbo-Croatian letter č
This uses the C with acute accent ć like in Polish
This alternative spelling uses the traditional 'ch' to represent the 'tsh'
'tsh' for 'ch' looks really clumsy. It reminds me of 'schtsch' in German renderings of the Russian letter 'Щ'. Since the letter 'c' is now unemployed, why not assign it to the 'ch' sound? Thus we would have 'cek' for 'check' (and for 'Czech').
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Posted by: Dogmatix
Alternatively, use the acute accent like in Polish: ć, ś, ź.
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Posted by: Dogmatix
tsh=ch Replce.. tch ..with ..ch use..ch.. all the time,matches English sounds church search chin chain also...ch..is a key letter in all indian languages.
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Posted by: vital
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