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"i" as in "site"

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This is the spelling as of 03-Aug-2013
i=aai as in site,like,hike,bike is more intuitive for English speakers that ay
A schwa with y is more phonemic than a y. It is probably a better representation of the British pronunciation than ay.
"ai" should be used instead of "ay" for the long I. This produces words that can be easily pronounced by non-native English speakers but are easily understood by native English speakers
A large number of words use “ay” but none that I can think of use it for an “I” sound. English does include an number of words that use this sound with “ai” and this gives us the useful mnemonic “ai as in thai to rhyme with thigh”. “ai” also includes the actually letter that it is representing. Words written with “ai” are easier to recognize than “ay”.
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Posted by: uhnkuhl fil
For example, sɘrvayvɘl vs sɘrvaivɘl. “ai” more readily meets the criteria of being “very simple and intuitive”, to quote the webpage.
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Posted by: uhnkuhl fil
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